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Paperwork is out. Get started with your digital guest list and save time and a lot of work. With PiiD your guests can sign up themselves digitally and you can manage the lists via your admin panel. Create an account now and get the our check-in system for your location. Just PiiD it.



€ 7.99monthly
€ 11.99monthly
€ 14.99monthly
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and a one-time setup fee of 59,- Euro. The invoicing of the license fees to the contractual partner takes place monthly. Minimum contract duration is 24 months.









Check-in system for your location


Paper registration is a thing of the past. Use the opportunity and chance to get started with digitalisation. We have developed our know-how and knowledge from years of experience with check-in systems from the tourism industry PiiD. With PiiD the user shares his data in digital form. Learn more about the system in this video.


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Queue Scan


In order to avoid long queues for major events at the entrances, we have developed a fast check-in system. The guest can be identified via an individual printed QR code or via the App PiiD. This allows the guest to register at the location if required.





Digital occupancy planner


Occupancy planner for your company. Set your available appointments in your admin area. Your customer can call up these appointments via a link and make their booking. At his chosen date he will be asked to make a deposit via your PayPal or AmazonPay account. So you have a guarantee that your customer will make use of the booked appointment.


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